It's the finer things...

Even the best vocalists in the world miss a note or two here or there, and that's where editing comes in. Here, we take your raw tracks and fine-tune them to make sure all your chords ring and cut-offs are perfectly aligned, as well as sync out and boost up your vocal percussion. But don't worry, we won't make you sound like T-Pain robots (unless you want that sort of thing). We take great care in only nudging things just enough to keep the honesty and real-ness of your performance.

Did you record DIY style or with a local studio?

You don't have to record with us to take advantage of our editing skills!

Whether you recorded yourself or went to a local studio to use their equipment, we're happy to clean up your sessions to get them ready for mixing! It's as simple as sending us the recording session or the audio files, and we'll jump right in to work our tuning and timing magic.

Heard enough and ready to get started?

Contact us today!

Voices Only Forte
Voices Only Forte VI
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