The little things make champions

As shows like "Sing It On" have made clear, winning competitions such as the ICCA take more than just talent. It takes lots of hard work, practice and repetition. And as you saw on that particular show, bringing in an outside perspective can point out what you're doing well, and not only what needs improvement but how to improve.

It's easy to become jaded to your vocal and visual performance when you've designed it and have worked so hard on it. That's why it's so important to get an outside perspective from someone who won't cling to previous decisions.

Whether you're looking for feedback and ideas on your ICCA set, or just looking for ways to improve your performance and come together as a group, Voices Only is the right team to show you the way.

Our coaching staff has worked with groups all over the world in private masterclasses at festivals such as the National A Cappella Convention, SingStrong, SoJam, Los Angeles A Cappella Festival, Kettering National A Cappella Festival, MSVMA State A Cappella Festival, and the Las Vegas A Cappella Summit. We've worked with groups in person and virtually online on their ICCA and ICHSA sets. We've judged countless a cappella competitions such as ICCA, ICHSA, SingStrong's Aca-Idol and High School Competition, and Absolut A Cappella. We've worked with brand new startup high school groups all the way to semi-pro and professional ensembles, those just wanting knowledge on a cappella to those who have won championships.

Wherever you're looking to improve, we can help!

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